Monday, October 11, 2010

I'd like to introduce you...

I'd like to introduce you to Jackie. Jackie is my imaginative three yr old's friend. His imaginary friend. He works at as a fireman and lives at the firehouse that seems to be located near our home. He is also a policeman when the need arises. Today was his birthday. He's three you know:) Gav declared quite early this morning that it was Jackie's birthday and we needed to color him a birthday picture and of course make a cake. Now Jackie has been hanging out with us for over a month and a half and I'm not sure exactly how to deal with you call something that doesn't exist:) Kyla never had an imaginary friend, but I did watch my oldest niece enjoy this phase of childhood.

So today was our little friend's birthday, and it was important to Gav that we celebrate it. So we started the morning wrapping up some of his favorite toys in monster truck wrapping paper and then planning a birthday party. Seriously.

I had some bananas that I needed to use for bread and so I changed my plan just a bit and made a couple of smaller breads, one being round, the perfect shape for a special birthday cake. We dusted it with powdered sugar and stuck a candle in it and then waited impatiently for Kyla to come home to celebrate with us.

After a hearty round of "Happy Birthday" the kids ate the cake and we were off to do the rest of the crazy that is our life.

I imagine that Jackie won't be with us for long, but I want to celebrate Gavin's imagination and joy in every phase of life. So I'll make cake and we'll sing and I'll enjoy the smile that it brings to my boy's face.

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