Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We are Outta Here!

We are ready to leave and I've checked everything off my list of to-do's (okay, almost everything).

Our bags are packed and the car is ready to be filled. Alarms will be set for o'dark thirty and bed times will be early tonight:)

While all this planning, packing, and prepping was going on, the kiddos made do with using their creativity to keep them entertained. This is a quick peek at our last week...

We took a trip to the zoo with Kyla's class. It didn't rain, Hurray!

Builder Gavin's creation

Kyla and her gal friends squeezed in a quick marshmallow roast in between drenching rain showers.

Did I mention they used their creativity? Yep, that's a drawer and No, his sister had nothing to do with this:)

She was all over this though:)

And I'll add this one just cause I love it!

We'll be back in a while...Off to heat, humidity, fun and family!


Stacie said...

have fun and hope to see you when you get home!!

Joce said...

I miss your blogging!!! You guys must be having a wonderful summer! I pray you are! Blessings,