Monday, June 7, 2010

Last Minute Things

We are leaving on Wednesday morning and I've been busy finishing up all the last minute things I wanted to get done before we go. First up was some light and soft pajamas for Kyla. Summer is still hiding from us here in Oregon, but I know that it's in full effect where we are headed. Our winter pjs just won't cut it.

The first set was made from Simplicity 5118 with some serious alternations in regards to the length. She's a bit longer than the pattern was expecting:) I used a super soft knit that I found on clearance! Sweet new pjs for a couple of dollars, now that it frugal:)

Speaking of frugal...a couple of months ago I picked up a twin sheet set from Goodwill that the bottom sheet still had the tags on. The top sheet looks like it was used as a curtain and has some serious sun bleaching on one side. Not to worry though! I made myself a pair of comfy pants a while back and put the remnant of the fabric to use in making more bedtime wear for us gals.

I used Simplicity 3669 for the top and did a freehand pattern for the shorts. I added a little white ribbon tie and she's got one more pair of comfy pjs!

This is her thoughtful pose,
I thought I share it with you:)

There just happen to be enough fabric left for another pair of pj bottoms for me, this time shorts. Ahh, cozy and pretty. The combination can't be beat!

As I was packing, I realized that our summer wear was sadly lacking. We haven't really needed it what with the record making rain we've been having for the last month or so. I took a pair of Kyla's pants that she blew out the knees in this winter and chopped off the legs, hemmed, added a flower and waaalaaaa! New shorts!

I think we are now ready to go. I'm pretty sure, almost positive in fact...I think:)

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