Saturday, September 12, 2009

So Close!

Another day of painting is done as the sun sets today. We are getting so close to the end that we can almost taste victory:) My parents and Chad's dad came out and lent a hand (and a ladder). What a blessing they are! And now I must let everyone know how very amazing my husband is. He had his wisdom teeth pulled yesterday afternoon, yes, I did mean to say yesterday, and he was up a ladder painting today (not on any narcotic pain killers mind you)! He's taking it easy this evening, but seems to have recovered nicely from that pesky little surgery that knocks most people out for a week. Wow, he gets a gold star this weekend and maybe even some pudding:)

While the adults were hard at work, the kids played. My dad took the time to wage a fierce water war, a true necessity in today's hot sun:)

Another day of finish work and touch up and who knows, we could actually be done! Oh how I hope!!

As we were getting things cleaned up, both paintbrushes and kiddos, I was outside taking some pictures of the house. While I was out front, 7 county sheriff cars raced down the road, screeched to a halt at our corner, 10 plus policemen piled out of the cars, grabbed their WEAPONS and converged on a house down the street! Two hours later, the last sheriff car pulled away and we have no idea what it was all about. I can't wait to get the local paper and read about it:)


Madhatter Mom said...

It probably won't be in the paper.. I was working, I can give the condensed version next week..

Jolina said...

You live on the scary part of town!! SCCCCCCAAAAARRRRRYYYYYYYY!! Thank goodness no-one was shot.