Sunday, September 20, 2009

Okay, Okay...I'll admit it

We have a CAT! My friends and family know that I'm not really a pet person, but somehow we have a hamster, four chickens and kitten. The hamster is Kyla's and she and Chad take care of him. The chickens are for egg production (at least they will be whenever they feel like getting around to laying) but ended up with names as well per Kyla's need to name/humanize everything:) And lastly, there is Max. There is a story about Max. Max is/was a stray/ferral cat that was roaming our neighborhood. The kitten showed up at our garage door and stole Chad and the kids heart. The first full day that the kitty was around, my niece, Ana, took one look at it and decreed it's name would be forever Max. Little did we know that Max was a girl:) I had a friend who's a vet come and take a look at her and got an age guesstimate and an overall health report. She was severely malnourished and had a respiratory infection. She wouldn't/couldn't eat for the first couple of days and then started eating with gusto. She's full of energy, loves to play, is kind and careful with the kids and most importantly, in my mind anyway, lives outside.

We took her into the Ferral Cats Coalition in Portland today and had her fixed. What an amazing organization! By taking her in, we have committed to feed her for life and our family is okay with that. She's a bit woozy still and not her normal energetic self, but she is recovering well and should be ready to play tomorrow. Who would have guessed that I, an admitted non-pet person, actually have come to like this little ball of fur and energy:)

So the Riddle Family would like to announce the newest member of our little family, Max or Maxy, or Maxine:)

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Nay said...

Love it! We always swear off pet with every move, but some how we end up with something! We are now owners of a beta and gecko, really easy ones. At least she's cute!!