Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lovey, Where are you????

We have been gone all weekend and after unloading the car, I went to check on Lovey (our hamster) to make sure he had done well food wise. Well, the cage top was askew and the cage itself was empty. Bad News!

After we closed doors, and got the flashlight, we started searching for the lost rodent. Chad found a throw pillow that had been chewed through and then used as bedding, Kyla and I used the flashlight to check behind the book cases. Chad was the successful hamster hunter, finding him hanging out behind the couch. After some heavy lifting and scooting, Lovey was safely back in our hands.

He's back home in his snug little cage with the lid on, with a weight on top:) At least until we find a better idea:)

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