Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We've been invaded by the evil "Why" monster!

Oh the horrors! The evil "why" monster arrived at our house yesterday morning with guns blazing... why this, why that, why this other thing and so on. Must eradicate the horrifying word! ( I say that with a slur to my words and a tick in my eye) Oh how I dislike this phase, I had forgotten how very much I disliked it:) Just this Monday, Gavin was a cute little boy who only drove me nuts a small percentage of the day. How is it that one little word can make you absolutely, mind numbingly insane?

It probably isn't helping that Chad is working late almost every night (real late) and he worked all weekend with the probability of working this weekend as well. My patience meter is at an all time low and my frustration meter keeps exploding off the charts. The good news is that I have a weekend of scrapbooking just around the corner. If I can just survive two more weeks. I'm just not sure that I have the fortitude for that extended amount of time:) We shall see.

Kyla just started Young Friends Singers with her cousins. It's a children's choir through the Friends church in Newberg. She's excited about it and I'm excited for her to get involved in something just a bit out of her comfort zone. She is becoming such a little lady, I daily stare in wonder at the person that she is becoming!

I ask humbly for prayer today. Life is seeming a bit out of control and I'm overwhelmed and feeling under appreciated. Not a good mix for the "Great Mommy" recipe:)

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