Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kyla Meets Gymnastics

Kyla was asked to go to a local gymnastics class with her cousins for their "bring a friend" day. She's been excited all week and was barely able to stay in her carseat on the drive there. Kyla was the youngest there and you could tell by her coordination, she just was a bit behind the rest of the kids:) She's in the black leotard with the blue tights.

Kyla and Meira on the balance beamHannahKyla watching Hannah do her thing

She was full of smiles and willing to try all that was asked of her. Thanks to Hannah and Meira for thinking of her and inviting her!

Oh, another exciting thing happened to kyla today! When she got off the bus, she smiled at me and I noticed something was a little off with her teeth. I checked and she has two bottom teeth loose. She is so excited. She hadn't even realized that they were loose, but now that she does, she can't keep her hands out of her mouth:)

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Jolina said...

Very cool!! Looks like she had a lot of fun!