Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Baker Extraordinaire!

Today I was shamed into baking...My sister-in-law made wheat thins...from scratch...made from whole wheat flour that she milled. I couldn't go home and serve my family a boxed noodle dinner with the taste of those amazing crackers still on my tongue. I had a recipe for whole wheat pita bread that was on my "someday" list. I pulled it off the shelf, dusted it off and gathered my ingredients. I had to do some substitutions, it's not like I was planning this crazed baking stunt. I fired up my kitchen aid mixer and two hours later, we had fresh chicken salad and cheddar cheese sandwiches in warm pita bread. I must admit that I'm slightly surprised that they turned out so well, I haven't seriously baked since Gavin was born. Who knows, I may just start being Suzy Homemaker again, wouldn't that surprise everyone:)

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