Friday, February 27, 2009

Here comes baby!

I've been asked by a friend to photograph her baby's birth. She is due mid March. I just got a call that they are on the way to the hospital! I've been slowly preparing for this, not knowing when it would happen of course. We worried about child care and working spouses, etc. Thank goodness Baby B waited until Friday evening:) Perfect timing for everyone. I've got all my gear including my camera equipment, comfy clothes, a book, lots of caffeinated pop, toothbrush and a brimming well of excitement. I'm honored that they've asked me to be a part of this amazing event and pray that I bring a sense of peace and support if needed. Please pray for a healthy mommy and a healthy baby. I'll get back to you soon with news of the new baby:) Boy or Girl? Whats your guess:)?

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Josh and Randi said...

That's so exciting! I've now gotten to assist with a few births in my OB clinicals and it is an amazing experience. Have fun!