Thursday, May 17, 2012


We are on day five of Kyla's recovery and she is doing phenomenal! She doesn't seem to need any pain medication and her round of antibiotics is almost done. She went back to school full time on Tuesday and has made it through every day...some days being a little bit rougher than others. Gavin and I get to have lunch with her everyday as I have to deliver her lunch time round of meds:)

I've made a couple more skirts for her to wear, since most of her warm weather skirts are from last summer and seem to have shrunk:) She is having to learn how to walk without pulling her stitches and is sitting very carefully still. She is healing quickly and is looking forward to getting her stitches out next week.

We set her up on the day bed and Gavin seems to miss sharing a room with her. He is periodically asking her how she is and pats her on the back. He's asked to pray with me several times for her to heal quickly and to not hurt. What  a sweet brother!

Things are moving along nicely here. It's amazing how quickly this "Major Incident" is slowly fading in importance and life is continuing on. On to the next moment:)

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