Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Our Movie Star

She's famous! Our very own Kyla walked the Red Carpet last week for the premier of the much awaited My Experiences of You on "Red Carpet Day". Kyla's fantastic teacher, Ms. Morton, won a grant to make a teaching video of a classroom technique that she uses successfully in her classroom. They had a cinematographer who came to the classroom for a full day and recorded throughout the day; the kids, Ms. Morton, the principal, and a parent. The kids and Ms. Morton have been waiting to see the finished result and decided to make it a big party. "Red Carpet Day" was born. The kids all wore their finest to school and the press (me with my camera and backdrop and a handy outline of Mr. Oscar) took pictures of them as they walked the red carpet into their private viewing of the 5 minute video. 

The kids were treated to popcorn and other goodies while they watched themselves and their friends.

Red Carpet Day ended with an Autograph party and the press handing out pictures to take home. All in all, a fun time was had for everyone...including the press and the press's helper.

In other news, Kyla has had all her stitches removed! On Wednesday (11 days after her accident) we went to the hospital to get the 10 external stitches removed. The Doc took one look and so no way were they ready to come out. They took out five of them and five remained. On Saturday morning, we tromped back into the hospital with high hopes. Again, they took one look and said the stitches HAD to come out. Her body was treated them as a foreign body and was not happy. They took the rest out and then we were to use steri strips until the last little bit closed. Unfortunately, steri strips don't really stick in that area:) The wound has fully closed as of yesterday and life is back to normal. 

I am a bit more cautious as Kyla and Gavin run around like monkeys

...and it appears that Kyla is as well:)

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