Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Adventures

I was pampered by my kids and husband for Mother's day this past Saturday and Sunday. I had uninterrupted time in my garden, donuts, no cooking duties, gifts and a trip to the ER. Did you catch that? As a special treat right after we finished up having dinner with Kyla's teacher on Sunday, Kyla got her shorts caught on a part of the swing chain and ripped more than her shorts. After we noticed blood, we checked her out on the kitchen floor, bundled her up in some towels and flew to the ER. 

They got us all checked in super hero fast, and had some topical numbing medication on within minutes. Once the pain and bleeding were under control, we got the verdict. She had a 3 to 4 inch laceration on her groin area, missing her lady parts by 1.5 centimeters. It was deep but didn't need surgery as feared. Praise the Lord for his guiding hand! 

After some major washing, numbing shots, and some mythbusters, she was ready to be stitched up. She is the proud owner of two internal and 10 external stitches and a very sore bum. Two hours later, we rolled out of there and headed home.

We are so thankful for God's care, the hospital staff who were quick and gentle while helping preserve her fragile modesty, and for not being pulled over as I climbed from the front to the back seat while passing a police officer:)

So today, we are hanging out at home and sitting on pillows, taking antibiotics, and making sure that she has Advil in her. What a crazy time.

As Kyla was getting ready for bed, she looked at me with a sweet smile and wished me a happy mother's's one for the books alright:)

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