Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fresh Paint Makes a New Room

While all this house buying drama has been going on, I've been soothing my soul with prayer and painting. Three weeks ago, I decided that while life was feeling pretty out of control and crazy, I would start a rather huge project to take my mind off of matters. The project did indeed turn out to be huge but well worth it now that we are nearing the end.

Here is the before, less the little bits of furniture we had thrown in there and carpet rolled up.

I've become very friendly with Kilz primer. It's more of a love/hate relationship. I love what it does, but I hate dealing with it! I probably killed a couple of important brain cells while using it. I used the ceiling paint that goes on purple and dries white, what fun:) Touch up was a bit easier with it and the kids loved that I was painting the ceiling purple.

Once I had the banister painted white and the walls and trim done, the stairway and stairs screamed out for a face lift as well. They didn't look bad, until you put the bright white next to them:)

We knew the toughest part of the job was going to be the floor paint, not that painting the floor is hard, but that you can no longer walk in that area for at least 24 hours after painting. Did I mention that it's kind of a like our hallway up there? You have to walk through it to get to the bedrooms and the bathroom? Are you seeing my dilemma? We shipped the kiddos off to Grandma's house for the weekend and we packed ourselves up and moved our residence downstairs for the weekend. Then we started prepping. I started to, more like attempted to, get the carpet runner off the stairs. The old nails that they used kept breaking and so I frustratingly left the job for Chad:)

Once Chad got his big man tools out, the carpet came us easily, I need some more tools:)

While Chad was carpet wrestling, I sanded the entire floor and stairs. Once the dust settled, I washed everything up and then let dry.

After a movie, it was time to paint. It was eight pm and I was ready to shouldn't take too long. At 1 AM I handed off the baton, a.k.a. paintbrush, to Chad. I hobbled down the stairs and he finished up the stair painting.

Now we wait. I am so curious to see what the upstairs looks like in the daylight but we have to wait 24 hours before we can step on the floor/stairs. My body is creaking and I'm not sure if it's from sleeping on the air mattress or from five hours of crawling around on the wooden floor painting. I do know that I'll be rigging up some type of knee pad system for tonight and the all important second coat of paint. Wish me luck!

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