Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bugs, Rot and Destruction

So we finally heard back on the house on Windy City Rd, the property that was the original dream property. Early this week we got an email from the bank's realtor with news that the sale had fallen through and that the house was again available, this time for a cash sale. First of all, we don't have that kind of cash and second, why did the second sale fall through? The email stated that there were some issues...

Our trusty realtor responded back with "Do you have any idea what the multiple issues would cost?"

And this is the response we got back...

Lots of money: Inadequate crawl space. All supports are bug munched and rotting. Inadequate support structure and so it will take some time for a contractor to quote the full impact. Likely that if bodies cant get in the crawl and the supports are not supporting, this might be a tear down. Major rehab or reconstruction is going to be the answer.

And God is good. He protected us and made it perfectly clear that though the property was great, the house would fall down around us. That would deffinately not be good:)

I, of course, called the ex-boyfriend's mother and let her know everything too. That's just want nice people do:)

What did we learn from this? God is good all the time. And that I'm a pretty good painter. And that lowes only sells one type of tintable floor paint and they won't tint it the color I want. And that our local Restore is awesome! More to come about the Restore and painting and maybe even houses:)

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